A Few Words from David Berliner, President/CEO

Being part of a family-owned business is both a privilege and a responsibility, particularly one that offers a product that’s important to many people and their careers, like musical instrument humidifiers.

For me, manufacturing and selling musical instrument humidifiers began two decades ago as a now-and-then job while I pursued my own career. My father, Martin Berliner, used his creativity and engineering skills to invent innovative musical instrument humidifiers that have stood the test of time. Working side-by-side with my mother in Brooklyn, NY and later in a cramped one-room “factory” elsewhere in the city, he built their musical instrument humidifier business into the international company it is today. But, it wasn’t until he passed on and I took over that musical instrument humidifiers became both my full time pursuit and a labor of love.

I believe in our musical instrument accessories. I don’t pretend that musical instrument humidifiers are going to save the planet. Hardly. But, there is an added sense of satisfaction in knowing that they provide instrument care to musical instruments whose music brightens lives around the world. 

And that’s a privilege.

The responsibility is in carrying on HUMISTAT’s reputation for integrity, quality and customer service in musical instrument humidifiers that my father worked so hard to build.

I’m proud of our instrument care company and its reputation. I am constantly re-invigorated by the interaction I have with all of our instrument humidifier customers, whether they be retailers, wholesalers or—our most important audience—musicians like you. If you have questions, suggestions, compliments (we LOVE them!) or anything else to share, you always have an open invitation to contact us, whether directly through this website, by email, or through our instrument care social networking sites.

If you are already using and trusting your musical instrument to the protection provided by our musical instrument humidifiers—which remain the only adjustable non-electronic humidifiers sold anywhere– we thank you. If you don’t have one of our two musical instrument humidifier models in your carrying case, we hope you’ll give them a try. We’re confident that you—and your valuable instrument—will be glad you did.


Martin Berliner, Inventor of HUMISTAT® humidifiers,
working on a design (Circa 1960’s).