Meet Danny: Music Man and Iron Man

He cradles one of his many prized guitars and plays a melody that is at once jazz, rock and classical. Twenty minutes later, with the instrument safely back in its carrying case, he walks down the stairs into his basement, turns a doorknob and enters what to the rest of the world is a one-car garage. But for Danny Caruso, it’s not a place to shelter a car or hang lawn tools—it’s a gritty, cluttered artist’s workshop.

Danny is–even he would concede–an unconventional artist. Instead of guiding brushes or pencils across canvas or paper, or molding clay or chiseling marble, he collects discarded metal objects—some as small as screws, others as large as car doors, and combines them to produce fascinating steel sculptures.

As you’ll see in this short video, he uses an array of tools, including a high-intensity blowtorch to create colorful and fanciful steel art. And music is not far away: His pieces featuring individual famous musicians are not only remarkable in capturing the person and the mood, but because they are—as you’ll see in the video—almost optical illusions.

Check out Danny as he shows and talks about his art and about his fascination with guitars and other instruments.

By the way, I first got to know him after he ordered some of my Model #3 humidifiers for his guitar cases, then ordered more and more as his collection grew. He also uses Model #1 for some of his other instruments. And, as he explains in the video, he has learned from experience how crucial proper humidification is to string (and woodwind) instruments.

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Have a great summer (and don’t forget that even on the most humid days, indoor air-conditioning can ruin your wooden instrument).


David C. Berliner

David C. Berliner